Plastic in the food chain: can we do without it?

Plastic packaging is important to our modern food chain, but is it good for our health or the environment? Find out from our expert panel.

This event will give the opportunity to discuss the role and challenges that plastic poses. Is it really necessary that our food comes packed in plastic or is it essential to keep our food fresh and avoid waste? Is plastic safe to human health and what alternatives are available to us? Should we invest in more sustainable manufacturing and recycling processes?

Join us in this interactive panel talk to explore the answers to these questions and leave with some practical recommendations we can all follow.

The panel:

Dr Lili Jia (Insititue for Manufacturing)
Dr Bryony Rothwell (RECAP)
Dr Stephanie Wright (Imperial College)
Ms Claire Hughes (Sainsbury’s)
Michel Cassart (PlasticsEurope)

Chaired by Dr Claire Barlow (Department of Engineering)

The event is organised by the Cambridge Global Food Security and Energy IRCs, supported by #AnnualFoodAgenda, an EIT Food project.

27 May 2021
Online panel
Cambridge Global Food Security and Energy IRCs