The #ChangingPlasticsforGood campaign kicked off in 2021 to showcase stories of change. The campaign brings together examples of how the European plastics industry is taking action to help solve the problems connected to plastics. Importantly, it highlights the developments already underway to make plastics more circular and sustainable.

#ChangingPlasticsforGood features real people working in the industry, explaining how they work towards finding better plastics solutions that benefit society and the planet.

Key focus areas

The work demonstrates activities for:

reducing emissions
recycling technologies
waste prevention and reduction.

Each area represents a broader, transformational change that is taking place in the industry. From shoes to synthetic leather and packaging to suitcases, innovation is changing plastics for good.


State of the art cameras and cutting-edge robotic sorting systems

High performance materials for car parts through chemical recycling

Rapidly developing food-grade recycling technologies

Turning yoghurt pots back into yoghurt pots again and again

Finding new ways to recycle plastic used in mattress foam

Designing products so they can be recycled

The plastics we produce play a key role in enabling vast renewable energy networks

ReShaping Plastics

“ReShaping Plastics: Pathways to a Circular, Climate Neutral System In Europe” presents an evidence-based roadmap for a paradigm shift in the European Plastics system. This report aims to help guide policymakers, industry executives, investors, and civil society leaders as they seek to understand the trade-offs and navigate through a highly contested and complex terrain towards a circular Europe plastics system.

Case studies

Case studies share the innovations taking place in our industry in areas that span circularity, climate, sustainable use, innovation, and plastics and health.


Campaigns highlight the work of our members and partners in initiatives that aim to information and share action-based facts about the role of plastics in recycling and sustainability, their place in the circular economy, and the removal of plastic waste from the environment.