Eco-profiles set

Eco-profiles for determining environmental impacts of plastics

Our Eco-profiles comprise Life Cycle Inventory datasets (LCI) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for plastics.

Click on a blue box in the flowchart, then click on the small arrow at the right bottom corner of the highlighted box to download an Eco-profile package that contains a report and dataset in several formats. The information icon at the top right of the highlighted box will give you the calculation and process dates. Some datasets considered to be obsolete have been withdrawn but can be supplied on demand. Please contact us if you’d like to access one of these.

Brine extraction Brine purification Brine electrolysis HCI production Crude oil extraction Oil refining Cracking Natural gas extraction Natural gas processing Catalytic reforming p-xylene separation Dehydrogenation Hydrogenation Steam reforming Ammonia production Methanol production Acetic acid production Oxidation Nitrobenzene production Aniline production Acrylonitrile production HCN production Acetone cyanohydrin production Cumene production Catalytic rearrangement Ethylbenzene production Styrene production Propylene oxide production Ethylene oxide production Ethylene glycol production Polymerisation for LDPE Blow moulding Film extrusion Propylene polymerisation Oriented film extrusion Injection moulding Polymerisation for LLDPE Polymerisation for HDPE Blow moulding Pipe extrusion Ethylene dichloride (EDC) production Vinyl chloride (VCM) production Oxychlorination Vinylidene chloride (VdC) production PVdC production Emulsion polymerisation Suspension polymerisation Bulk (Mass) polymerisation Sheet calendering Pipe extrusion Film extrusion Injection moulding Dimethyl terephthalate production Purified terephthalic acid production Ester interchange Direct esterification Melt polymerisation Solid state polymerisation Film extrusion Film packing Stretch blow moulding Methylmethacrylate (MMA) production MMA polymerisation Sheet castion & extrusion Polymerisation for EPS Thermoforming Butadiene polymerisation Polymerisation for HIPS Polymerisation for GPPS ABS graft copolymer production ABS polymerisation ABS mass polymerisation SAN production Compounding Adiponitrile production Hexamethylene diamine production Cyclohexanol production Adipic acid production Hexamethylene diamine production PA 6.6 production PA 6.6 Production Compounding Allyl chloride production Epichlorohydrin production Bisphenol-A production Liquid epoxy resin production Phosgene production Polycarbonate production On-site steam generation On-site electricity generation Formaldehyde production MDA production MDI production Dinitrotoluene production TDA production TDI production Oxidation Hydrogenation Oxime production Caprolactam production PA 6 production Compounding Glycerol production Polyether polyol production (ISOPA) Saponification Sucrose production Animal fat production Sugar production Polyurethane rigid foam production Polyurethane flexible foam production Methyl chloride production Chlorosilanes production Silicone production Silicon production Quartz mining Charcoal production Coke production Wood growing & harvesting Coal mining & processing Latex polymerisation Vinyl acetate production Vinyl acetate dispersion production ammonia benzene ammonia hydrogen reformer hydrogen cracker hydrogen benzene electrolytic hydrogen propylene propylene natural gas natural gas ethylene ethylene ethylene propylene chlorine chlorine ethylene HCI chlorine methanol methanol p-xylene p-xylene acetic  acid ethylene glycol ethylene glycole ethylene glycol acetone cyanohydrin acetone cyanohydrin styrene styrene pentane pentane butadiene butadiene acrylonitrile acrylonitrile styrene acrylonitrile hydrogen cyclohexane nitric acid butadiene natural gas ammonia glass fibre chlorine propylene acetone phenol acetone phenol carbon monoxide carbon monoxide chlorine methanol aniline toluene toluene nitric acid hydrogen cyclohexane phenol glass fibre propylene ethylene oxide propylene oxide propylene oxide ethylene oxide pentane MDI MDI TDI TDI hydrogen chloride HCI methanol styrene butadiene ethylene acetic acid p-xylene cyclohexane syngas CO methanol acetic acid Formaldehyde nitric acid aniline cumene propylene oxide ethylene oxide ethylene glycol VdC dimethylterephthalate bishydroxyethyl terephthalate adiponitrile cyclohexanol adipic acid PA 6.6 salt allyl chloride epichlorohydrin phosgene formaldehyde (pls contact us for POM) MDA dinitrotoluene TDA cyclohexanone oxime caprolactam Glycerol Silicones Styrene-butadiene dispersion Vinyl acetate dispersion
NaCl download
NaOH download
Cl₂ download
H₂ download
HCl download
crude oil download
pentane download
naphtha download
natural gas download
pygas download
xylenes download
toluene download
benzene download
H₂ download
propylene download
pipeline propylene download
ethylene download
butadiene download
butenes download
ethylene (pipeline) download
ammonia download
H₂ download
POM download
acrylonitrile download
HCN download
acetone cyanohydrin download
Acetone download
phenol download
ethylbenzene download
styrene download
LDPE resin download
LDPE bottles download
LDPE film download
PP resin download
OPP film download
PP mouldings download
LLDPE resin download
HDPE resin download
HDPE bottles download
HDPE pipes download
EDC download
VCM download
PVdC download
emulsion PVC download
suspension PVC download
bulk PVC download
PVC sheet download
PVC pipes download
PVC film download
PVC moulding download
terephthalic acid download
amorphous PET
bottle grade PET download
PET filmdownload
packed PET filmdownload
PET bottlesdownload
MMA download
PMMA resin download
PMMA sheet download
EPS download
PS traysdownload
polybutadiene download
HIPS download
GPPS download
SAN download
ABS download
PA6.6 download
glass filled PA 6.6 download
bisphenol-A download
liquid epoxy resin download
polycarbonate download
steam download
electricity download
MDI download
TDI download
PA6 download
glass filled PA 6 download
Polyols (eth) download
PU rigid foam download
Flexible Polyurethane Foam (slabstock) download
Flexible Polyurethane Foam (moulded) download
Acrylic Monomers download
Polyols (est) download
AliphDi download
DINP download
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Accessing eco-profiles in life cycle databases

Please note that most of the Eco-profile datasets can be found in their aggregated form in the SimaPro industrial database, and the GaBi database (which avoids conversion and format problems).

Some of the Eco-profile datasets can be found as the source for their disaggregated form, starting from version 3.6 of the EcoInvent database.

They are all posted in the Global LCA Data Access network (GLAD).

Polyolefin and PVC eco-profile: upcoming update in 2024 following science progress on Oil and Gas Greenhouse Gas emission intensity

A number of publications report an increase of CO2 emissions from flaring and an increase of methane emissions allocated to Oil and Gas production.

On 6 July 2021, Plastics Europe organized an information meeting with a wide LCA stakeholders’ attendance, calling for a collective approach to review and validate data in order to develop robust life cycle inventories for oil and gas extraction.

Current Polyolefins eco-profiles datasets keep a good production process representativeness but need now to be aligned with main LCI databases regarding Oil and Gas datasets, inducing an increase of the Carbon Footprint of polymers.

This increase is the result of improved scientific detection methods for GHG emissions, particularly from satellites, resulting in increased emissions from Oil & Gas production that were not accounted for in the past.  It is important to note, the increase reported does not arise from an increase in actual emissions due to either downgrading practices or recent shale gas exploitation.

On the contrary, these better and more complete measurements, continuously improving their precision, enable better and more efficient abatement actions with existing and well-known technology and practices, within the many programs implemented to reduce methane emissions.

Oil & Gas dataset change should affect all industries because oil and gas are used by all industries to fulfil their energy needs.

Future updates of other eco-profiles of Plastics Europe will also be based on the most consensual background data, with the traceability and sensitivity information necessary for their good use.

For more information, please refer to the Life Cycle Thinking section of our website.