Eco-profiles set

Eco-profiles for determining environmental impacts of plastics

Our Eco-profiles comprise Life Cycle Inventory datasets (LCI) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for plastics.

You can access and download them for free, from this page.

Click on a blue box in the flowchart, then click on the small arrow at the right bottom corner of the highlighted box to download an Eco-profile package that contains a report and dataset in several formats. The information icon at the top right of the highlighted box will give you the calculation and process dates. Some datasets considered to be obsolete have been withdrawn but can be supplied on demand. Please contact us if you’d like to access one of these.

Accessing eco-profiles in life cycle databases

Please note that most of the Eco-profile datasets can be found in their aggregated form in the SimaPro industrial database, and the GaBi database (which avoids conversion and format problems).

Some of the Eco-profile datasets can be found as the source for their disaggregated form, starting from version 3.6 of the EcoInvent database.

They are all posted in the Global LCA Data Access network (GLAD)


Download the Eco-profile Methodology Document version 3 submitted to external consultation
Download the Flowchart below as a PDF
Download the PlasticsEurope recommendation on Steam Cracker allocation for the comparability of datasets
Download the presentation’ How LCA can help reducing plastics marine litter a knowledgeable and efficient way: managing is measuring’

For more information, please refer to the Life Cycle Thinking section of our website.