Vinylplus®: steering the PVC industry towards the circular economy

VinylPlus goes further than the Circular Economy, addressing other sustainability topics such as energy and climate change, sustainable material sourcing and production and the responsible use of additives. Such key issues have been integrated into the VinylPlus® Product Label, the sustainability certification scheme for PVC products in the building and construction sector delivering the highest sustainability performance and contribution to the Circular Economy. To date, ten companies have received the VinylPlus® Product Label for more than 100 PVC products manufactured at 18 European sites.

Workers’ health and education are also an integral part of the programme. VinylPlus cooperates with the European Chemical Sectoral Social Partners (made of European Chemical Employers Group and industriAll Europe) to implement action plans for workers’ safety and for the digitalisation of SMEs that were defined in the framework of the renewed Cooperation Agreement signed in 2017.

Each progress report is a timely opportunity for the industry to reflect not only on its past achievements, but also on future challenges and opportunities. With the culmination of VinylPlus in sight, we are engaging further with our partners and stakeholders in a dialogue to build the new VinylPlus programme towards 2030 that will be launched in May 2021.”

Brigitte Dero


Click here to view or download VinylPlus Progress Report 2020, reporting on 2019 activities.