Plastics Europe appoints Alicia Martín new general manager in the Iberian region

PlasticsEurope, the pan-European association of plastic manufacturers, has appointed Alicia Martín as the new General Manager for the Iberian Region, who will take office from June 1, 2020. Alicia has been linked to PlasticsEurope for more than 15 years both in the Iberian Region and at the headquarters of the association in Brussels.

“We are delighted to place in Alicia’s capable hands the leadership of the association in the Iberian region. Alicia has a solid experience in addressing the challenges of our industry in terms of sustainability and working towards a circular economy for plastics. Along with her commitment to collaborate with the different stakeholders of our value chain, Alicia will help advance our strategy of responsibly addressing the challenges of our sector, in particular helping to resolve plastic waste issues, as well as demonstrating the ability and value of our materials to contribute positively to society”.

Virginia Janssens, Managing Director of PlasticsEurope at pan-European level

It is an honour to assume this new position and to be able to represent a strategic industry in the current socio-economic context, innovative and fully committed to sustainability, with the creation of alliances constructive and with the development of solutions for society. With the experience gained in these years, I want to contribute to overcoming the challenges of our industry and publicize the positive contribution of plastics to face, in a responsible and sustainable way, the most global challenges of our society.”

The new General Manager of the association for Spain and Portugal, Alicia Martín

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