Industry’s reaction to Proposal for a Regulation on preventing pellet losses to reduce microplastic pollution

The loss of plastics pellets in our ecosystems is unacceptable and the need to mitigate unintentional pellet loss is a priority issue for the industry and wider value chain. That is why we welcome the European Commission’s proposal aimed at reducing unintentional releases of plastics pellets into the environment. 

Whilst we have not had an opportunity to study the proposal, our understanding is that the European Commission’s work builds upon our previous efforts of our industry via Operation Clean Sweep® Europe.

We remain committed to working with all stakeholders to further refine this proposal and ensure the success of the subsequent legislation.”

Virginia Janssens – Managing Director of Plastics Europe

Notes to editors:

The European plastics industry has recently taken steps to strengthen a voluntary initiative called Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) which aims to tackle plastic pellet loss throughout the value chain, by designing and implementing a certification scheme to ensure compliance. Find out more here.

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