Health and safety of plastics remain industry’s top priority

Microplastics in baby bottles

In response to the research published in the journal Nature Food entitled “Microplastic release from the degradation of polypropylene feeding bottles during infant formula preparation”, PlasticsEurope has prepared the following statement addressing the issues raised by this study.

The health and safety of our children are the number one priority for parents across the world, and the plastics industry has always taken consumer safety extremely seriously. Everyone has the right to clean and healthy food and water, especially the most vulnerable. Before a plastic product is made available on the market, industry must comply with a broad set of regulations covering many topics, including health and safety.

As one of the world’s most regulated industries, all food contact materials including plastics are rigorously evaluated to make sure that migration into food – if any – is safe. At all stages of the plastics value chain, materials are produced in a controlled, regulated and consistent way, based on EU-wide standards, in order to ensure safety in all foreseen use phases.

PlasticsEurope believes that scientific investigations that contribute to a better understanding of microplastics and any effect on the human body is of utmost importance. This is key in developing and prioritising potentially needed preventive actions, and we welcome the opportunity to engage with the authors of the study to better understand their findings.

As an industry, we relentlessly invest in research to present the most up to date data as possible. Our collaborations and partnerships are essential to ensuring ongoing robust scientific research – achieved through research projects, scientific labs, and work with leading international research centres.

“Every product the industry puts on the market must be safe for everyday use. As science progresses, our focus on safety remains paramount and is continuously improving. The plastics industry is committed to accelerating scientific research on the issue of microplastics and their effects on human health, and to collaborating with leading experts to find solutions which prevent them ending up in the environment and the food chain.”

Virginia Janssens, Managing Director of PlasticsEurope

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