Website for 100 years of plastics online

Unlimited possibilities for the future

They make cars lighter and more economical. They make for handy smartphones and comfortable living. They help in medicine and keep food fresh: plastics.

The success story of this versatile material began 100 years ago – when the German scientist and Nobel Prize winner Hermann Staudinger launched macromolecular chemistry with a groundbreaking paper. In the meantime, there are many different types of plastics with very different properties for practically any aspect of life. And researchers and manufacturers are opening up ever more possible uses – especially to meet major challenges such as urbanisation, feeding the world’s growing population and combating climate change. In short: plastics are indispensable for shaping a sustainable future worth living.

Science and industry have made it their mission to make Staudinger’s legacy fit for the future – read how plastics make life better and sustainable on the new website “100 years of plastics