Plastics Europe reaction to Council PPWR vote

The Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation is critical to accelerating the transition of the European plastics system to circularity and net zero. It is a key element of the plastics transition enabling framework in Europe.

Whilst today’s Council vote on PPWR is a positive step towards adopting rules to foster a market for recycled and bio-based plastics in the EU and promoting packaging recyclability, Plastics Europe has a number of significant concerns about today’s vote.

As things stand, there is a real risk that the proposed measures will fragment the internal market for plastic packaging and create an uneven playing field with other materials.

Whilst politically attractive to some stakeholders, arbitrarily targeting plastics is not the answer. This will jeopardize investments in sustainable plastic packaging solutions and encourage the substitution of plastics with other materials without any proven environmental advantages. It will not solve the issue of single-use packaging.

Instead, we are calling for ambitious and material neutral measures that will create the positive investment climate required to enable the European plastics system to accelerate its transition to circularity.

Additionally, while we encourage the adoption of a reuse model for applications where it can deliver the best environmental benefits, it is disappointing that the Council has failed to recognise the impact of reuse on specific plastics transport packaging formats and the feasibility of achieving targets in this area.  

Addressing these issues promptly in the upcoming negotiations is vital if we are to prevent the European plastics industry’s sustainability transition from being undermined.”

Virginia Janssens – Managing Director of Plastics Europe
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