The importance of advanced recycling

How to stop the waste and close the loop on plastic packaging with chemical recycling technologies at scale

When building a zero waste and fully circular economy for plastics, advanced (chemical) recycling is regarded as a promising technology to provide virgin-like polymers made from waste to be used again in high-demanding applications, such as food packaging.

Following the announcement on Dow’s partnership with Mura Technologies in advanced recycling, in this webinar we’ll discuss evolving policies and what they mean for the industry to meet sustainability commitments.

A deep dive on Mura’s differentiated technology will allow us to explore how to recycle previously hard to recycle films and flexibles at scale, thereby enabling to redirect plastic waste away from landfill and incineration while cutting emissions.

We will address common myths about chemical recycling and listen to brand owners’ views on quality, scale and the role of this technology in the current mix of circular solutions.

Please join us in our live webinar on 1st July, 15.00 CEST, to:

  • Learn about the importance of advanced (chemical) recycling to complement existing technologies to close the loop and find out how it is linked to designing packaging for recyclability from the start
  • Review state-of-the art policy on chemical recycling across Europe
  • Explore how Mura Technologies’ innovative recycling process manages to recycle hard-to-recycle plastics while keeping carbon emissions low
  • Gain value chain insights into how this technology will help make one of the most efficient packaging materials more sustainable and attractive
01 Jul 2021