Partnership produces the first suitcase series made of recycled material; paves the way for more circularity

LyondellBasell, SUEZ, and Samsonite created the ‘Green Grey’ edition of S’Cure ECO, a new suitcase collection made from recycled plastic waste. LyondellBasell and SUEZ, through their recycling joint venture, Quality Circular Polymers (QCP), converted post-consumer plastic such as packaging into high-quality polypropylene. Samsonite now uses this recycled plastic to create the outer shell for its suitcase collection.

Enabling suitcases made of recyclates…

Samsonite’s first suitcase series made of post-consumer recycled material (PCR) focuses on recycling in two aspects. The outer shell uses a circular, recycled polypropylene. LyondellBasell developed this grade with high impact resistance – even at low temperatures – which addresses the demands required for high-quality luggage. This material is ideal for various industrial production processes such as injection moulding, which is also used in the manufacture of this luggage collection. The inner fabric is made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, which are converted into polypropylene regranulate by LyondellBasell and SUEZ. This makes luggage not just sustainable, but also light and strong.

…makes another puzzle piece for a circular economy with plastics

We are continuously looking for new ways to reduce our environmental footprint across our operations. Of course, the research of new sustainable materials plays a key role as it allows us to combine our thirst for innovation with our commitment to sustainability. We are committed to seeking opportunities to maximise the use of recycled and recyclable materials in our products to pass on a better world for generations to come.

Christine Riley Miller – Samsonite’s Global Director of Sustainability, sees this industry-first innovation as part of a bigger picture.

“Our solutions cover the whole value chain to produce secondary raw materials and satisfy the highest standards, from industries to consumers. We welcome Samsonite’s initiative, developing the circular economy with a sustainable and reliable product”.

Jean-Marc Boursier – Senior Executive Vice President at SUEZ, and in charge of Northern Europe Recycling & Recovery activities, explains the role his company plays in supporting these goals

To leverage the combined expertise in recycling, recovery and plastic production, LyondellBasell happily joined this partnership. The project perfectly suited the company’s goal to take further actions to provide sustainable end products on a large scale, in order to make a circular economy with plastics a reality.

One of the keys to addressing the challenge of plastic waste is identifying new, innovative uses for used plastics. Samsonite’s unique, innovative application is a perfect use for our recycled material because it ensures used plastic does not end up in the environment, and travellers are provided with a durable, lasting product

Richard Roudeix – LyondellBasell Senior Vice President of Olefins and Polyolefins for Europe, Asia and International.