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At Plastics Europe, we see our role as a catalyst of much-needed change, not only within the plastics industry, but also outside it.

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Plastics are key materials in innovation and for helping us reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change. Our everyday lives rely on plastics, but any plastic waste in the environment is unacceptable. Plastics must be sustainable.

We understand how the industry needs to evolve and adapt. By producing plastics in a low-carbon circular economy and enhancing their sustainable use. By addressing the issue of plastics waste, while recognising its value as a resource.

Sustainability is, and will always be, vital to our members. That is why two years ago, we set out on a journey of transformation. One that recognises the challenges the world and our industry faces.

About 100 Plastics Europe members produce over 90% of all polymers in Europe

We are increasing our efforts to reduce plastics waste, promote the reuse and collection and recycling of plastics waste, and have accelerated the transition to a circular economy in response. We are striving to achieve “zero plastics to landfill” and 100% recovery of plastics waste.

Our commitment as an industry is to relentlessly focus on ensuring plastics continue to deliver much needed societal benefits while minimising their environmental footprint. This includes supporting the European Union’s Green Deal and climate-neutrality ambitions, and the Paris Climate Agreement – our collective blueprint for accelerating the transformation to a more sustainable future. We are determined to implement long-lasting positive change.

This is a pivotal moment for our industry and value chains. Our future is dependent on meeting these ambitions. We must act with urgency, on the basis of robust science, and with a long-term vision. Investing in becoming a more sustainable industry is vital. A key challenge is to finance this transition while staying competitive.

1.6 million people employed in the plastics industry value chain, across 60,000 companies, generating EUR 360 billion in turnover

We are working towards a positive future that brings to life the responsible actions, partnerships and innovations the European plastics industry is making. While our industry has an essential role to play, this transformation is not one we can undertake alone. It requires all value chain actors – manufacturers, brand owners, consumers, recyclers, policymakers – to work collectively towards our shared goals.

To accelerate this transition, we need to harness the power of the Single Market. Harmonised policy and regulation which promotes collection and recycling, and increased investment is essential.

At Plastics Europe, we are committed to this journey of change and enabling a sustainable future for our members, partners, and society at large.

Over 150 years of plastics innovation

About us

Who we are

About us


About us