Closing plastic cycles intelligently

Ingemar Bühler 2023

Ingemar Bühler
Managing Director, Plastics Europe Germany
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Joint mission statement for a circular economy with plastics from BDE, PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V., and VCI

Plastics are more necessary today than ever. Energy and mobility transition, healthcare, and packaging practice – there is no doubt that the demand for plastics will significantly increase worldwide. Therefore, waste prevention and the collection, sorting, and recycling of plastics must be quantitatively and qualitatively improved at a global scale, making a noticeable contribution to climate protection. With its world-leading chemical, plastics, and recycling industry, Germany is particularly predestined to develop and implement comprehensive solution models as part of this contribution. The aim of the German national circular economy strategy must be to avoid waste, use non-fossil raw materials, including recycled raw materials, as a carbon source, and keep them in a qualitatively high and long-lasting cycle. This includes ambitious proposals for holistic recycling.

In order to successfully implement a circular economy, it is necessary to create an appropriate framework at both European and national levels. For this purpose, BDE, Plastics Europe, and the VCI recommend the following twelve measures, that should be taken into account for implementing a national circular economy strategy:

  1. 1) Implement Product design requirements for a circular economy
  2. 2) Further develop measures to promote a circular economy
  3. 3) Declaration of and consumer communication on recycled content of materials stemming from chemical recycling
  4. 4) Promote alternatives to fossil raw materials
  5. 5) Europe-wide ban on landfilling of plastic waste
  6. 6) Consistent collection and sorting
  7. 7) Supportive regulatory framework
  8. 8) Driving innovations
  9. 9) Uniform standards and quality requirements
  10. 10) More research for future-oriented products
  11. 11) Support for the global agreement against plastic waste in the environment
  12. 12) Raw material partnerships for the development of a circular economy