Circular Economy PLUS

Expert group provides recommendations for action for a German Circular Economy Strategy

Plastics manufacturers are determined to push the transformation to a circular economy despite the current challenges. The key technologies needed to close the carbon cycle completely already exist. In the coming years, it must be about scaling these technologies quickly and implementing them as well as business models for achieving a climate-neutral circular economy.

Plastics Europe Deutschland would like to actively promote this change – particularly by providing expertise for the development of the National Circular Economy Strategy of the German federal government. The latter is intended to bundle existing and future regulations and strategies to strengthen the circular economy in Germany. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety, and Consumer Protection is expected to publish a key issues paper for the national circular economy strategy soon. In the spring of 2023 broad stakeholder participation may follow.

Plastics Europe Deutschland actively supports the development of a national overarching strategy considering all regulations to strengthen a circular economy, says Ingemar Bühler, managing director of the association: “In the first half of 2022 we invited leading experts for a circular economy with plastics to develop recommendations for action and in doing so only assumed a moderator’s role”.

In expectation of the key issues paper, Plastics Europe Deutschland published the recommendations for action, now available in German and English, including the concept of a Circular Economy PLUS, developed by this group of experts. According to Dr Alexander Kronimus, Head of climate protection and circular economy at Plastics Europe Deutschland “Plus” refers to the necessity to take a holistic approach on circular economy: „Significant progress, for example in mechanical and chemical recycling, are one thing. But if we want to close the circle on plastics completely and acting sustainable, it is important to think beyond: Using non-fossil raw materials, based on recyclates, sustainable biomass and CO2 is as necessary as a circular product design. This is what we would like to underline with the term Circulation Economy PLUS.

The recommendations for action are available now in German and English on the Plastics Europe Deutschland website.