As part of its ambition to reach 1 million tons circular polymers by 2030, TotalEnergies is developing products obtained through mechanical recycling of PE, PP and PS.

TotalEnergies increased to 45 kT the capacity of Synova, the French leader in recycled polypropylene production from post-consumer plastic wastes and car parts such as bumpers, to supply the automotive sector and the construction industry. TotalEnergies also announced in May the acquisition of Iber Resinas, a Spanish producer of recycled PE, PP and PS for the automotive, packaging, and building sectors.

TotalEnergies is also investing in hybrid production lines of high-performance recycled polymers in France (15 kT in Carling and 30 kT in GrandPuits).

TotalEnergies signed also strategic partnerships with some of its customers to accelerate the development of recycled plastics materials such as, for instance, with Plastic Omnium in the automotive industry.

Besides, our circular compounds range made from the combination of outstanding virgin resin and up to 50% of post-consumer recycled wastes exhibit virgin-like properties.