The Plastic Museum, already disassembled and on the way to being recycled

Madrid, May 19, 2021.- The Plastic Museum has been open to the public for nine days. Created to be recycled, it has allowed thousands of visitors to gain a new perception of plastic and the importance of reusing and recycling. Located in Madrid, in Plaza de Juan Goytisolo, in front of the Reina Sofía museum, it has received visitors of all ages, who have learned the essential role that plastics have in our lives, through the different objects exhibited inside. In addition, different personalities from culture and politics have come these days to meet in person this initiative that has promoted EsPlásticos, the platform that brings together companies that work in the manufacture, reuse and recycling of plastic.

The Plastic Museum, the first 100% recyclable museum in the world, was born with the idea of being disassembled on International Recycling Day. Being built entirely with plastics, it has been disassembled to reuse and recycle floors, walls and ceilings, and thus create with these materials some products that will be part of the collection “I used to be a museum”, and that will be available soon in the museum’s online store:

About EsPlásticos

EsPlásticos, the plastics platform, is a project that brings together the different agents that are part of the plastics sector and value chain, among which are the more than 30 companies that in Spain have participated in the creation of The Plastic Museum. Together with the platform, manufacturing companies of all types of plastics, and companies related to their reuse and recycling, have joined forces in this pioneering project to launch this message of support for the environment and promoting sustainability throughout the life cycle. of plastic.

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