Plastics Europe encourages its members to promote RecoTrace™ to their value chain partners

RecoTrace™, the multi-polymer data collection system to record data on both European plastics recycling volumes and recycled plastics, is now recognised by the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA).

Thanks to data collected through RecoTrace™, PolyREC® – the value chain association, that monitors, verifies and reports on European recycled plastics, now recognised as an official CPA data collector, and of which Plastics Europe is member – will report on the progress of the entire European plastics value chain towards the CPA target of 10 Mt recycled plastics use by 2025.

Plastics Europe is now calling on its members to help promoting RecoTrace™ to their value chain partners. By recording their recycled plastics data, recyclers and converters ensure transparency of the circular movement of European polymers. Understanding the size and dynamics of the European recycled plastics market will help inform future legislation and investment decisions that accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

Press Release: PolyRec launches RecoTrace™

For more information, please contact Charlotte Delvaux.