David Carroll: has covid-19 shaped the plastic waste agenda?

David Carroll, Director External Affairs of PlasticsEurope recently featured in an article by NS Packaging.

David Carroll explained how Covid-19 has disrupted the supply chain resulting in a shift in priorities for some industry organisations.

“PlasticsEurope has had to deal with really urgent things to make sure that plastic packaging is an industry that can continue. We’ve done this by making sure our members’ workers can cross borders to keep their plants up and running.”

Daivd Carroll, Director External Affairs of Plastics Europe

In the long term, we are still focused on transitioning to a circular economy. In spite of the pandemic, Carroll thinks people’s perceptions towards plastics and plastic waste have not changed. And rightly so, as plastic waste in the environment is unacceptable.

“What I’m trying to get across is that, certainly for our industry, we’re going through quite a quick transition and we don’t want to change direction following Covid whatsoever. We also see it as an opportunity for people to understand the benefits and the value of plastics, while simultaneously showing that we are willing to deal with waste issues and improve recycling rates.”

Daivd Carroll, Director External Affairs of Plastics Europe

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