A collaboration to transform hard-to-recycle waste into new products that are 100% recyclable

hard-to-recycle waste plastics

Smart upcycling supports a circular plastics economy

In a new joint venture called Upsyde, Braskem and Terra Circular have joined forces to tackle the challenge of hard-to-recycle waste and create something valuable. Hard-to-recycle waste can include mixed plastics, undersized plastics, or production rejects from recyclers. Currently, these waste outputs typically end up in landfill, but Upsyde has found another way to create new value – by upcycling it into new products.

Thanks to patented technology, a new waste-to-parts process has been able to transform hard-to-recycle plastics into practical and valuable products – giving a new lease of life to waste materials. This innovative approach brings waste that would have previously gone to incineration or landfill into a circular plastics loop and reduces the need for virgin feedstock. It’s a more sustainable approach that results in less raw material use and emissions generated.

Upsyde’s products include heavy-duty mats and road plates to create robust terrains for high-traffic areas, such as construction sites or festivals. Pallets are another example of how plastics waste has been repurposed into something new. Each of these products is fully recyclable at the end of its useful life.

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